Monday, July 23, 2012

Baby Iguanas

HAWS currently has two of these cute little guys.  They were  brought in a couple of weeks ago by someone who had won them at at County Fair and decided they really weren't the kind of pets he wanted to keep.  That was a good decision.

As cute as these guys are, they really can be problematic as pets.  After all, who would believe that something so cute and so small could possibly grow to be  or 56 feet long and weigh 18 pounds?  

This is the first time I've ever seen a baby Iguana.  Usually HAWS gets them surrendered when they reach about two to three feet long.   This is when they start to require a much bigger cage than most people are able to provide. 

One of the things that appalled us at HAWS was the fact that these guys were given away as prizes.  Pets are meant to be members of a family and require knowledge of their care, and are a daily responsibility.  Because of this, those of us in the animal welfare field feel that getting a pet should take careful consideration and research before bringing the animal into the home. 

Handing out live animals as though they were fabric covered toys stuffed with sawdust is just reprehensible.   Getting a pet this way doesn't allow for the family to know what they are getting themselves into or prepare for their new arrival, much less make an informed decision.

It is also most likely inhumane for the animals being given out, since who knows how long they are carried around fairgrounds before their new owners decide it's time to go home.  And people who don't know much about how to care for their new pet may end up providing inappropriate or even dangerous housing for the animal, and feeding them something that might be unhealthy or even cause medical problems. 

I commend the man who brought these two little guys in and gave them to HAWS.  He was smart enough to realize that he wouldn't be able to provide the home they needed, and brought them to a place where they could obtain the proper care.  Hopefully we'll be able to find them a good home.  Does anyone want a six foot long reptile that will need an enclosure the size of a walk-in closet?  Do your research and then come to HAWS if you decide the answer is yes -- we have two to choose from.

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