Monday, October 21, 2013


Last Friday HAWS held our annual fall fundraiser entitled "Haunted HAWS".  Each department had a booth and we required to teach the public about what our role was at HAWS.  The Education booth had Jeopardy --  Educators are very aware of the fact that playing Jeopardy is a great way to get students to learn new things while having fun, so why not use it with the general public!

I think my favorite category was "Animal Safety".  Not only is that a subject that is use a lot in humane education with kids, but it's also a topic that even many adults are lacking in knowledge. 
The challenge for me was to include questions about many different animals, since most animal safety tends to focus on dog safety, with a little cat safety thrown in. 

Below are some of the questions I included in the game.  Do you know the answers?  (or should I say questions?)

1    This animal makes a loud noise with it's back feet as a warning when feeling threated.  
2    This animal is commonly thought to be requesting a belly rub when laying on it's back, but is more likely to be in a defensive position. 
3    Commonly thought to be an indication of a friendly dog, this   behavior actually can express a variety of emotions including, happiness, fear, over-stimulation, and arousal. 
4    Using this  when playing with your cat or dog is most likely to result in a person being scratched or bitten.  
5    This human form of affection is almost always considered aversive by dogs, and is a common trigger for dog bites. 
6    A dog would consider extended direct eye contact to be this. 
7    When walking around this animal it is safest to keep a hand on it's body at all times to allow it to know where you are and ensure your safety 
8    People who handle reptiles should keep their hands away from their face and wash their hands immediately afterwards in order to avoid contracting this illness causing bacteria.


1 What is a rabbit: 
2 What is a cat? 
3 What is a wagging tail? 
4 What are hands? 
5 What is a hug? 
6 What is threatening behavior? 
7 What is a horse
8 What is salmonella poisoning?