About Khris Erickson

Khris Erickson is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer, and is also a Certified Humane Education Specialist.  She has been the full time Humane Educator at the Humane Animal Welfare Society.

During her time at HAWS she has expanded the day camp program from 140 children attending during the summer, to an attendance of 430 children in the summer of 2010.  The program also expanded with new activities, more hands on with the shelter animals, and specialty camps.

Khris also developed the Positive Empathy Training for Success (PETS) program with Lad Lake.  This program is for at-risk kids, and is innovative in that it combines academics along with training of shelter dogs.  The goal is to teach kids empathy, patience, self control and motivate them to learn. 

The adults of Waukesha County aren't being ignored.  Khris has developed seminars for adults wanting information on how to raise a puppy, and also how to address common behavior problems in dog.  In addition she brings in speakers to talk about other non-canine species. 

Khris is passionate about passing on her knowledge of animal behavior and helping members of the community learn about animals and the issues common in animal welfare.  A blog written by Khris Erickson chronicles her experiences working for an animal shelter, and highlights many of her education experiences.

In additon to working for HAWS, Khris has been teaching dog manners classes for Dog's Best Friend Training in Madison since 2002.   Helping dog owners create well mannered dogs is something that she finds very rewarding.