Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Camp has Begun!

The end of the school year means a change in my job duties -- namely the beginning of HAWS Kids N Critters Day Camp.  This week we will have 73 kids coming to our camp during three sessions.  Two of the sessions are for 2 days each, Tuesday/Wednesday and also Thursday/Friday.  Typically kids attend those sessions if they aren't sure they'd enjoy our camp, or if they have other activities planned during the week.

We also have a 5 day camp that started on Monday.  The kids have had a chance to walk dogs, play with cats and rabbits, meet Voodoo the snake and do a lot of fun activities. 

One of the activities that all of the campers attending our week-long session are required to do is a little bit of volunteer work.  They spend a half an hour during the week cleaning out a few of the cat cages -- helping to scoop the litter pan, wipe down surfaces, take bedding to the laundry, and provide fresh food and water. 

Suprisingly, many of the kids are eager to help out -- something their parents would be amazed to hear since many of these same kids are reluctant to clean at home.  Some of the kids are disgusted at having to scoop poop, or wipe down messy resting places. 

One of our goals for campers is to show them that having a pet may be very rewarding and a lot of fun, but it's also a lot of work, and sometimes is a bit disgusting.

We still have openings for some of the sessions this summer, if you'd like your child to experience fun with animals, while at the same time discovering their responsibility.   Check the HAWS Kids N Critters page for availability.

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