Monday, February 7, 2011

This is Why I Do It

I just received a card with thanks from the Lad Lake boys who participated in last semester's PETS program. It was really a great start to a Monday, and I wanted to share it. I've removed the names signed at the end.

Thank you for everything you did for us and the dogs. I learned a lot about dogs. Plus I’m not as scary of dogs. I love pit bulls and any dogs that look mean and strong. Your teaching was good – when I could not do something you were there to help me. Thanks for the time you did with us. You were one of the best teachers. Thanks for everything, so Yea Thanks,
Bye Bye
Bark Bark

When I came in I had no idea what to do but I met Naya and got to work. I didn’t do the best at first but I got a hang of it and I had some real fun times. I learned a lot of new stuff and what to do and what not to do.
Thank You

The dogs were a great time. You taught us to know if it is friendly or mean. I had a great time. I hope you had a great time too. Thank you. Even though I did not work with Naya, she is so nice. I hope Mystic and Belle have a good time.

I liked the dogs a lot. I want to go again. I liked training the dogs how to sit and shake and roll over. And I loved Jenna and working with her. I like Mystic, and he was my favorite dog. I also really working with Tommy. I hope I can come again and work with Jenna, I want her to be a bomb dog and get adopted.

I love you. Good bye,

Thank you Khris for all the hard work you’ve done for us! I appreciate that you would go out of your way to teach us how to train dogs. We had lots of fun and I hope you did too!

I liked to hang out with Naya and Mystic. I think those two dogs are very special and they have a lot of potential. I think they both are good dogs. I hope Naya is having a good time, just like Mystic.

You are a good inspiration, and you encourage me to not buy from puppy mills, and to believe that I can take care of pets just like you do. I hope you and Mystic and Belle have a wonderful day.

Your friend,

Khris, I thank you for letting me work with the best dog trainer. I thank you for letting me work with Naya. I loved Naya.

I wish I could have Naya.


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Sara Wiesner said...

Wow- great comments from the boys-you gave them a chance to love and understand dogs that will stay with them their entire lives. Thanks!