Friday, May 14, 2010

Kids in a Shark Tank

What do you get when you put three innovative kids into a shark tank?

It turns yout that you get compassionate hearts, great ideas, and a generous donation to HAWS!

Brooke Zyla, Jacob Vance and Ashlyn Denniston took part in their school's Shark Tank contest -- based on the TV show of the same name.

Brooke, Jacob and Ashlyn put together a presentation that was given to the students and faculty of their school -- Merton Intermediate. They came up with the concept of selling suckers with the proceeds to benefit the needy animals of Waukesha County by donation to HAWS.

Not only did they win, but they sold enough suckers to donate $190.00 to HAWS -- a tremendous amount of money!

HAWS would like to thank not only Brooke, Jacob and Ashlyn, but all of Merton Intermediate for supporting our cause!


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Anonymous said...

Hey!!! I'm Molly, i also go to this school,and brooke is one of my best friends!! all of the kids at merton have hearts of Gold, haha it sure is a wonderful place!!

Gabby H said...

Hey!!! My name is Gabby, i like Molly go to this school and competed in shark tank! Even though technically I was competing against Jacob, Ashlyn, and Brooke no one looked at it that way and I supportedd the HAWS donation mmore than my group! Greaat job to all of my friends at Merton. Like Molly said a place with people with hearts of gold! =)