Monday, October 12, 2009


"Did you see the Anoles?" I was asked the other day.

Considering it was around lunchtime, and that here at HAWS there very often is food sitting in our break room, I can't be faulted for the logical conclusion I made. I'd never had anoles before, but I assumed they were some kind of yummy baked goods.

Alas for my sweet tooth, it turns out that anoles are a kind of lizard, and they'd been surrendered to HAWS earlier that day.

One of the most interesting things about working at an animal shelter is the diversity of types of animals that we work with here. While I love dogs, I also love to learn about other kinds of animals as well.

Anoles are native to Florida, Cuba, Jamaica and other Caribbean Islands. They are pretty small compared to many other reptiles kept as pets; a full grown Anole will only reach about 8 inches from head to tail. From what I've read they seem to be a high maintenance pet -- requiring hot, humid conditions mimicking their natural habitat in the rain forest, a steady diet of meal worms and crickets, and are easily stressed causing illness. has basic information on them.

While it's interesting learning about different animals, I already know that Anoles are not the pet for me -- I'll stick with my dogs. And now I'm off to see what might be sitting on the break room table...

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lagomorph said...

Delicate little critters aren't they?
By the way, don't know if you saw them or not, but
there is a pair of white ducks in the new puppy pit in the back run. They don't need to be taken out as the wading pool is in the pit with them....... ;-)