Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Step by Step

One of the things I try to do is make sure I try new things at our camps. Many of the kids return from year to year, or even from session to session within the same year, and I want camp to be a new experience for them.

At last weeks camp for 10-12 year olds we tried a new activity called "Responsible Pet Ownership, Step by Step".

The kids were paired off with one of the pairs being blindfolded, and the other guiding them through an obstacle course our counselors put together for them. Each partner had an opportunity to play each role.

The kids had a fantastic time doing this activity -- it was even mentioned as a favorite on the survey we ask the kids and parents to fill out after camp is over. I know I heard a lot of laughing going on throughout the room!

As much fun as Step by Step was, we had an ulterior motive. Kid's N Critters Camp tries to make learning fun, and so the idea behind this activity is to show the kids how our pets are utterly dependent on their humans for their every need, and to teach them how important that responsibility is. When blindfolded the kids reported they felt insecure and unsure of what was going on. They had to trust that the person leading them would make good decisions. A good lesson for all of us with something to care for.

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