Friday, April 10, 2009

A Good Friday Visit

It always amazes me to realize that there are those out there who aren't animal lovers, and others who don't feel they have any value to people. Luckily science is on our side.

Studies show that contact with pets can decrease blood pressure and cholesterol levels (Allen, K 2001 & Anderson 1992). Alzheimers patients who have regular contact with pets have "fewer episodes of verbal aggression and anxiety and fewer mood disorders". (Fritz, Farver, Kass & Hart, 1995)

Today HAWS had a visit from some of the residents of Congregational Home in Brookfield. Accompied by three staff members, the ladies toured our dog and cat adoption areas, and then spent some one on one time with several animals.

It was very rewarding to see how much joy the animals were able to give -- and we didn't need science for that observation. I think the photos speak for themselves!

In the photo above is HAWS adoptable Griffin -- 5 years old and doing a wonderful job being handed from person to person.

Little Shelly (to the right) -- our chihuahua-dachshund mix was a huge lover -- giving kisses and getting love from everyone.

I was proudest of Mystic - who truly was the hit of the visit. He's a big dog, and yet was extremely gentle with our visitors who needed a gentle touch.

After petting him the first time, the woman on the right in the photo below asked that he come back so that she could pet him some more. One of the staff who came from Congregational Home told me that she is normally afraid of dogs. Mystic truly lives up to his name.

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