Monday, February 16, 2009

My Humane Education Co-Worker

One of my co-workers shares my office, weighs 55 lbs and occasionally likes to clean his private parts in public. Like most non-profit employees he really doesn't get paid a lot, but he never complains about being paid in Pup-Peroni. Mystic is a 4 year old border collie that I adopted at the age of 8 weeks. He's been working with me ever since - accompanying me to day care centers, schools, scout troop meetings, adult day care, nursing homes and work places in Waukesha County. He's also the official mascot of HAWS Kid's 'n Critters Day Camp.

One of the benefits of using my own dog instead of a shelter dog is that I know without a doubt the he loves children and doesn't get overwhelmed when we vist what many times is a very stressful environment for a dog. I also know he won't pee on the floor (which could be embarrassing), and he knows a number of tricks -- which never fails to entertain our audience.

As ambassador from HAWS, Mystic plays an important role in promoting our educational messages. It's easy to dismiss a woman talking about responsible pet ownership and the needs of the animals in the Waukesha community. But bring a well-behaved, enthusiastic and friendly, furry face along, and the message becomes much more relavant.


Shelley said...

Dear Khris, I am a volunteer at Angels Grace Hospice in Oconomowoc. Would Mystic or a dog like Mystic ever be interested in visiting patients at Angels Grace Hospice? A few of the patients would be overjoyed to have a canine visitor! Please let me know. Thanks for considering this request.

HAWS said...

Mystic and I would be interested in visiting Angels Grace.
Give me a call and we can set it up!
Khris (and Mystic)